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Adrian Wyard

Legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa described an artist as someone who simply "does not look away." That rings true to me. It implies that there’s an unbroken line from enjoying art to creating it, and that absolutely everyone can participate. But really looking can be tricky. It requires discipline, patience, and a willingness to let first impressions fall to the side so that more subtle layers of meaning can emerge. My task as a photographer is to earnestly "see," and then faithfully capture and share what's revealed.

This sometimes parallels the work of a forensic detective, requiring ingenuity, technical knowledge, and persistent effort. Slowly, methodically, an ordinary snap is transformed into a rich, enduring image. And on other occasions it's a happy accident; scenes just present themselves fully-formed and must be seized before they evaporate. They cannot be planned and will never be repeated. I find this aspect of photography—the way it naturally demands a pairing of technical skill and emotional openness—deeply satisfying, and aim to capture that balance in my work.


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